11 Children’s Books About Abraham Lincoln

I’ve found that one of the most recognizable historical figures for kids is Abraham Lincoln. They easily remember his name and face, and many older kids know that he was the president during the U.S. Civil War. However, studying Lincoln’s entire life is valuable, despite its tragic end. Lincoln’s story is one of hard work, determination, and the power of learning.

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This Presidents’ Day, take a closer look through these excellent children’s books about Abraham Lincoln:

11 Books About Abraham Lincoln for Kids


11 Children's Books About Abraham Lincoln


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I am Abraham Lincoln by Brad Metzler — Even very young readers will enjoy this book from Brad Metzler’s Ordinary People Change the World series. The first-person narration and kid-friendly pictures help draw the reader in, and the story focuses on Lincoln’s passion for fairness and the actions he took to end slavery. This has become one of my favorite books about Abraham Lincoln.


Who Was Abraham Lincoln? by Janet Pascal — We love the Who Was series, and the volume devoted to Lincoln is excellent. This book features lots of great facts, hundreds of illustrations, and maps that make the story more real. I highly recommend this book for early chapter book readers, but it also works as a read-aloud.


Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books by Kay Winters — Where can books take you? Anywhere! I have to love a book that highlights how reading helped equip Abraham Lincoln to become President. This lovely story highlights Lincoln’s early life and his love of learning.


A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln by David A. Adler — I absolutely adore Adler’s Picture Book Biographies, and this one is no exception. I first read this with my oldest when he was about four, and it’s become a regular read for us. It’s a simple, straight-forward telling of Lincoln’s life and death, written in a way kids can understand.


Abe Lincoln’s Hat by Martha Brenner — This early reader explores one of Lincoln’s most famous quirks — he remembered things by taking notes and keeping them under his hat! This, along with many other anecdotes about Lincoln, are expertly woven into an easy-to-read story.


Abe Lincoln at Last! by Mary Pope Osborne — Magic Treehouse fans will love this story about Jack and Annie’s encounter with Abraham Lincoln. When the siblings travel back in time to 1861, they can’t wait to meet President Lincoln. However, he’s far too busy trying to save the nation. Will the kids be able to meet Lincoln, help their friend Merlin, and save the day? This early chapter book is a great companion to the next book on our list…


Magic Treehouse Fact Tracker: Abraham Lincoln by Mary Pope Osborne — We love reading these Fact Trackers alongside Magic Treehouse books! This book answers the many questions Jack and Annie have about Abraham Lincoln’s life, and it provides the reader with lots of valuable information about our sixteenth president.


Abraham Lincoln for Kids: His Life and Times With Activities by Janis Herbert — This award-winning book is great for teachers, homeschool parents, and kids! It’s a comprehensive look at Lincoln’s life and work, and it includes lots of photos and excerpts from Lincoln’s letters and speeches. There are also plenty of ideas for activities that make Lincoln’s life come alive. A great book for tying Lincoln’s legacy to our lives today.


Abraham Lincoln by Ingri and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire — This gorgeous 1940 Caldecott Medal winner is a classic, and this 75th Anniversary edition has been updated to be more historically accurate and culturally sensitive. Both children and adults can appreciate the simple prose and beautiful illustrations that tell the story of one of our nation’s heroes. I appreciate both the efforts taken to restore this timeless classic, and the changes made so the book reflects accurately the equality of all people.


Looking at Lincoln by Maria Kalman — This newer book about Abraham Lincoln examines his life through the eyes of a little girl. His face on her money is familiar, so she goes to the library to learn more. Kids will love the relatable main character in this book, along with the bright and beautiful illustrations.


Lincoln and His Boys by Rosemary Wells — This is a work of fiction, but, like all good historical fiction, it teaches the reader much about its subject matter. Told through the eyes of Lincoln’s sons Willie and Tad, the story paints a picture of a man who was both a devoted statesman and a devoted father. Recommended for readers ages 8 and up.


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