12 Awesome Ninja Books for Kids

I’m not exactly sure why, but there’s something about ninjas that kids love. My boys have been attending NinjaZone classes for a few months now, and they can’t get enough of jumping, leaping, and practicing their stealth.

Books about ninjas are a great way to draw in young readers, especially those active ones who may have a hard time sitting still to read. We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite books featuring ninjas; I think you’ll love them as much as we do!

12 Awesome Ninja Books for Kids

12 Awesome Ninja Books for Kids

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The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz – This book is a popular story time choice in our home. A hilarious retelling of a classic story where the three pigs train in martial arts to defeat the Big Bad Wolf.

Ninja Red Riding Hood by Corey Rosen Schwartz – A great companion to The Three Ninja Pigs! This book tells what happens when the Big Bad Wolf decides to go after some “easy” targets; a little girl and her grandma. Spoiler alert: it’s not so easy!

Ninja! by Arree Chung – A little boy creeps through the house on a mission, overcoming every obstacle in his path in this fun read.

Ninja Bunny by Jennifer Gray Olson – This story follows a little bunny who is preparing to be a super awesome ninja…but he’s not sure he’s ready to leave his friends behind to pursue the ninja life.

The Boy Who Cried Ninja by Alex Latimer – Tim has noticed some strange things going on around his house. It must be a ninja…right?

My Grandma’s a Ninja by Todd Tarpley – When Ethan finds out his grandma is a ninja, he’s a little embarrassed. Why can’t she be like other grandmas? Ethan soon learns to appreciate all that makes his grandmother stand out.

Wink: The Ninja Who Wanted to be Noticed by J.C. Phillipps – Wink is so excited to be going to ninja school, but he’s having a hard time to being silent and unseen. Is Wink really meant to be a ninja?

Nighttime Ninja by Barbara DeCosta – What happens late at night when the family is asleep? The Nighttime Ninja goes looking for treasure.

Little Kunoichi: The Ninja Girl by Sanae Ishida – In this great story about hard work and practice, Kunoichi is struggling because ninja skills don’t come easy to her. Then she meets a friend who inspires her to work harder and persevere.

Ninja, Ninja, Never Stop by Todd Tuell – This little ninja is so proud of his ninja skills — until he is out-ninjaed by his little brother!

Hello Ninja by N.D. Wilson – This adorable board book shows ninjas around the world! Perfect for bedtime.

Ninja Boy Goes to School by N.D. Wilson – A little faces the first day of kindergarten without fear, due to his superior ninja skills!

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