4 Reasons Goldfish Swim School is Great for Homeschoolers

This post was written in partnership with Goldfish Swim School.

One thing I think most homeschool families have in common is that we’re always looking for great educational opportunities that fit our unique lifestyles. Our family is no different; I want my kids to have experiences that teach them both practical skills and life lessons.

Goldfish Swim School

We’ve found a great resource in swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School. Here’s why I think homeschool families should look into what Goldfish has to offer:

Individual attention

One reason we chose homeschooling for our family is because we wanted to focus on our boys’ individual needs. At Goldfish, there are never more than four kids in a class at one time. The teachers have plenty of time to work with each child individually, and at the end of each lesson I get an update on what my child is doing well, and what skills need work. They never get lost in the shuffle or miss the opportunity to participate.

Goldfish Swim SChool

Self-Paced Learning

I have one child who moved from Glider 1 (the beginner level) to the Swim Force (the GSS swim team) in eight months. My other child moved from Glider 1 to Gilder 2 in the same amount of time. Each boy was allowed to move at his own pace. This was so important for us — my oldest son gets bored without a challenge, and my middle son was terrified of the water when we started. They’ve both come so far because Goldfish was able to meet them right where they were.

Flexible Scheduling

One of the perks of homeschooling is being able to take advantage of the fact that we’re home when other kids are at school. Goldfish has morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend classes, so you can always find a class that meets your needs. Pro tip: 9 a.m. classes almost always have openings, and you can snag a great parking spot!

Goldfish Swim School

Effort is Celebrated

As my middle son worked through his fear of water, the staff at Goldfish were incredibly supportive and patient. We were never made to feel like he wasn’t progressing fast enough. All his teachers asked was that he give his best effort. His achievements were praised, but he was also applauded for trying hard and continuing to show up, even when he was afraid. In a society that can be so focused on winning and being the best, I am so happy to find a program that understands effort is just as important.

Swimming is an important skill that every child should learn, but swim lessons teach much more than swimming. If the desire for a smaller, more personal educational experience has led you to homeschooling, I encourage you to check out Goldfish Swim School. It’s a place that truly cares about kids.



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