5 Gifts for Kids That Aren’t Toys

While I love celebrating birthdays and holidays with my family, there’s one thing I don’t look forward to: the addition of more toys to our collection.

My kids are blessed with more than enough things to play with, and we declutter and donate toys regularly. But somehow “stuff” still seems to accumulate. Also, I really want to fight the “more, more, more” mindset in my kids. Experiential gifts take the focus off of “getting” and instead they emphasize “doing.”

I’m a big fan of giving and receiving experiences over toys. I love things that I can do with my kids, and things that will help them learn while they’re having fun. The items on the list below are some of my absolute favorites. Some of them we’ve happily received; others we’ve given to friends and had great feedback. Try one of these for a perfect holiday or birthday gift!

5 Gifts for Kids That Aren’t Toys

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Little Feminist Subscription Box

Little Feminist is an amazing subscription box that pairs diverse children’s book with fun activities design to get kids thinking and talking about their world and those who might be different from them. We received some Little Feminist boxes to review, and I was so impressed with the books and accompanying materials. I highly recommend this subscription for kids ages 0 to 9. You can save 15% on your Little Feminist order with the code FEMINISTBOOKSFORKIDS

Kids Cook Real Food

Confession: I hate to cook. I’m not very good at it, and my style is “bare minimum to keep everyone alive.” So when my boys told me they wanted to learn how to cook, I was lost. The Kids Cook Real Food online courses have been a HUGE lifesaver for us. My school-aged kids are learning how to make salad, soak beans, and are even learning knife skills! Check out their FREE holiday baking challenge here.

KiwiCo Crates

By far, my favorite non-toy gift to give to kids is a KiwiCo Crate subscription. They have crates for kids of all ages (0 to 16+), and the activities inside encourage children to “tinker, create, and innovate!” Each create has a hands-on activity that is centered around a certain theme. My kids love getting a Kiwi Crate or a Doodle Crate (perfect for crafty kids), and it keeps them busy for hours. You can save $10 on your first crate here!

Kazoo Magazine

My kids think they are the coolest when they get something in the mail, so a magazine is always a great gift choice. We had the chance to preview Kazoo magazine last year, and we really loved it. It’s a fun, positive magazine designed for girls, but even my young boys were into it. I highly recommend considering a subscription for the young person in your life.

Wonder Crate

Wonder Crate is a super fun subscription box that encourages children to dream, love, and be their best. We really love these boxes because they include a book, help kids focus on a growth mindset, and always include a fun activity. Wonder Crate is a great choice for any kid in your life!

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Crystal is an activist, feminist, and mom of three. She loves reading, crochet, and enjoying her family and friends. She lives with her family in Indianapolis.

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