5 Children’s Books That Can Get Wet

This post was written in partnership with Goldfish Swim School. 

Four weeks ago, we welcomed our third little boy into the world. We’re very excited that he’s here and he’s healthy. Best of all, his big brothers are absolutely thrilled with him!

One of the questions I keep getting from them was: “When can our brother start swim lessons with us?” I actually wasn’t sure, so I talked to the crew at Goldfish Swim School to find out.

Goldfish Swim School Infant Lessons
“Watching” his brothers swim at Goldfish Swim School.

Turns out, babies can start swimming at Goldfish as young as 4 months old — with a parent in the water, of course! That seemed young to me, but it turns out that starting swim lessons before the first birthday has lots of benefits.

Being in the water is surprisingly natural for babies, and swim can make things like bath time easier, because the child will begin to associate being in the water with having fun. Best of all, the child grows up used to being in the water. If we start early with our new little guy, the fear of water that his older brother experienced probably won’t ever be an issue!

Goldfish Swim School Swimmer
He can’t wait for his brother to join him in the pool!

We want our new baby to love being in the water, and we also want him to love reading. In that spirit, I put together a list of some of my favorite books that can get wet. Take these books in the bath, to the pool, or to the beach! You can enjoy a great story without having to worry about them getting ruined. The more places you can share a book with your child, the more they will see how much fun reading can be!

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5 Children’s Books That Can Get Wet

5 Best Bath Books for Babies

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Bath Time  and Barnyard Bath! by Sandra Boynton — Boynton is one of the most loved picture book authors of all time, and these bath books allow you to take her classic tales to the tub or the pool.

Who’s Playing on the Farm? by Kate Smith — The pages of this whimsical book are plain white until they get wet — then the illustrations take on bright and brilliant colors.

Animals in the Water by Caroline Davis — This book is a little noisy and a lot of fun! Sea animals are introduced on every page, and a rattle inside the book provides interactive fun.

Little Quack’s Bath Book by Lauren Thompson — This cute story about a baby duck who loves to play in the water also comes with an inflatable toy of the main character.


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