Free Reading Log Printable

Some kids need no encouragement to spend time reading — I was one of those kids, myself. However, some kids need a little external motivation. I believe that every child can fall in love with reading; sometimes it just takes finding the right tools to get them excited.

My oldest child has been somewhat of a reluctant reader, and we’ve tried all kids of different things to help him embrace reading. One thing that has been very helpful has been keeping a reading log. He’s a very goal driven person, and he likes to see when he is making progress toward something. We created this reading log to track the chapter books he reads on his own. When he fills the page, we do something fun to celebrate!

Free Reading Log Printable

FREE Printable Reading Log

A reading log can be a great tool to motivate kids (and grown-ups) to read. My little guy loves the excitement of seeing his sheet fill up with titles, and we have a great time talking about why each book got the rating it did (though he does tend to give most books five stars!). When we fill the page, we always pick the top three books from the list.

Click here to download your FREE Reading Log Printable!

If your child needs some extra motivation, or if you’re simply looking for an easy way to keep track of what your family is reading, be sure to download our free reading log printable. It’s an easy way to record what you’ve read and what you liked!

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Crystal is an activist, feminist, and mom of three. She loves reading, crochet, and enjoying her family and friends. She lives with her family in Indianapolis.

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