11 Diverse Halloween Books for Kids

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays in our household! My kids love picking out costumes, trick-or-treating with friends, and, of course, eating candy!

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All different kinds of kids love celebrating Halloween. That’s why we put together this list of Halloween books for kids that show all kinds of youngsters enjoying the holiday. This list of Halloween picture books has trick-or-treat tales, ghost stories, monster mayhem, and more!

11 Diverse Halloween Books for Kids

Halloween Books for Kids

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Los Gatos Black on Halloween by Marisa Montes

This bilingual Halloween book for kids introduces Spanish words while exploring the spooky fun of the holiday. Readers will meet los gatos, los esqueletos, and more. The rhyme and beautiful illustrations make this a super fun book to read aloud! It’s perfect for children ages 4 and up.

A Tiger Called Tomás by Charlotte Zolotow

Another fun bilingual Halloween picture book! In this story, Tomás has just moved to a new home, and he’s afraid to go out and meet the other kids in the neighborhood. His mother encourages him to introduce himself, but he’s just too scared. But when Halloween comes, his tiger costume gives him the courage to trick-or-treat, and maybe even make a friend. This book is great for kids ages 3 to 6.

Behind the Mask by Yangsook Choi

Kimin is not sure what he wants to be for Halloween, but he finds inspiration when going through some of his grandfather’s things. Other children tease him for dressing up “like an old man,” but they don’t realize that Kimin’s grandfather was a Talchum dancer. This book blends an engaging story with lots of fascinating information about Korean culture. I recommend reading it with kids ages 5 and up!

Samurai Scarecrow by Rubin Pingk

Yukio loves Halloween, but he doesn’t love sharing it with his little sister, Kashi. Kashi copies everything Yukio does, and it drives him crazy! As they get ready to celebrate, Yukio gets fed up with his sister always copying him, and he says some really mean things to her. How can he make it up to her and save Halloween? This gorgeous book is one siblings will relate to, and it’s a super choice for kids ages 4 to 9.

Halloween Monster by Catherine Stock

Tommy is not so sure about trick-or-treating. He’s scared of ghosts, witches, and monsters, and he’s afraid he will encounter them on Halloween. His mother assures him that the only ghosts and ghouls he will see are children dressed in costumes, and that Halloween is a fun day of playing pretend. This simple story is ideal for preschool-aged children.

Miss Smith and the Haunted Library by Michael Garland

Miss Smith is a magical teacher who is always making learning fun for her students. In this book from the Miss Smith series, the kooky teacher takes her class on a field trip to a spooky library. When she opens her Incredibly Storybook, her class knows they’re in for a day of wacky fun. This is a super fun read for kids ages 4 to 7.

Ghosts for Breakfast by Stanley Todd Terasaki

When the “Troublesome Triplets” (Mr. Omi, Mr. Omaye, and Mr. Ono) show up at the door, you can always expect some kind of complaint, but this one is unique — they’ve just seen ghosts in Farmer Tanaka’s field! Set in the 1920s, this story follows a young boy and his father as they seek to get to the bottom of this ghostly mystery. This is an excellent Halloween book to share with children ages 5 and up.

Sweets and Treats by Toni Trent Parker

This is one of my toddler’s favorite books to check out from the library! This simple book features a diverse group of little ones showing off various Halloween costumes. Young children will love looking at these gorgeous photos and pointing out their favorite costumes. You’ll love sharing this book with toddlers and preschoolers.

Halloween ABC by Sarah Albee

Follow these adorable trick-or-treaters, A to Z, as they enjoy Halloween night with their friends and family! This sweet picture book follows a diverse group of children as they display their costumes, collect candy, and have fun! This book is great for reading with kids 3 to 6.

Monster Trouble! by Lane Fredrickson

Winifred Schnitzel is not afraid of monsters…but she really wishes they would let her sleep! Then neighborhood monsters keep sneaking into Winifred’s room and making noise, and not even her most brilliant traps are stopping them. How can Winifred scare these monsters away? Kids ages 3 to 7 will love this hilarious rhyming tale.

Closet Ghosts by Uma Krishnaswami

Anu isn’t happy about moving to a new place. She misses her old school and her best friend. Most of all she misses her old home; her new one has ghosts in the closet! Anu has to call on the Hindu Monkey God Hanuman for help, but not even his shape-shifting seems to work. What can Anu do? This fun and educational picture book is great for kids ages 5 and up.

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