10 Handmade Harry Potter Gifts

There are few fandoms more dedicated than those of us who love Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling has built a beautiful world full of magic and mystery, and there are so many little details that make Harry’s wizarding world special.

There’s a special kinship that Harry Potter fans have with each other, which is why I love giving Hogwarts-themed gifts whenever I can. The gifts I’ve chosen below are some of my favorites, and they’re all available on Etsy, so when you purchase, you’re supporting a fellow Harry Potter fan!

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10 Beautiful Handmade Harry Potter Gifts

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Harry Potter Candle

The Sorting Candle — This is one of my FAVORITE gifts to give. The concept is so cool! The top layer of the candle is white wax with a vanilla scent, and as the candle burns, a color appears as it “sorts” into a Hogwarts house. Each house has its own distinct scent. Every candle is an adventure!

Harry Potter Metal Sign

“In This House, We Do Harry Potter” Metal Sign — This fun take on the “In this house…” signs you may have seen elsewhere is ALL Harry Potter. In this house, we believe in magic!

Harry Potter Wooden Peg Dolls

Harry Potter Wooden Peg Dolls — My kids love playing with peg dolls, and these Harry Potter dolls have amazing detail. They’re great for play or display!

Foil Harry Potter Stickers

Foil Harry Potter Stickers – These foil stickers are available in a wide variety of colors and are perfect for cards or letters. I use mine in my day planner!

Harry Potter Jar Nightlight

Harry Potter Jar Nightlight — This absolutely beautiful nightlight features gorgeous artwork and a magical glow.

Harry Potter Monopoly

Harry Potter Monopoly — This highly detailed game takes all the elements of Monopoly and gives them a Hogwarts spin. It’s available in lots of different versions, including house-specific game boards.

Harry Potter Rolling Pin

Harry Potter Rolling Pin — Can you imagine all the adorable sugar cookies you could make with this rolling pin? I am totally blown away by the detail on this item.

Harry Potter Door Mat

Harry Potter Door Mat — How cute is this Harry Potter door mat? It’s hand-painted and water resistant, so you can enjoy it for years and years. It’s also fully customizable!

Harry Potter LOVE Shirt

LOVE Harry Potter Shirt — Different symbolism from the Harry Potter books form together to make the word “LOVE.” This shirt is available in a variety of colors, and sizes XS through 3XL.

Harry Potter Music Box

Harry Potter Music Box — This gorgeous music is assembled by hand and plays the theme from the Harry Potter films. This is such a unique idea for a gift!

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