9 Slytherin Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

In the Harry Potter series of books, every student at Hogwart’s School of Wizardry and Witchcraft gets “sorted” into a house. Each house’s members are known for having certain traits. Potter fans have embraced these houses, and many of them (myself included!) love to show pride to the house that they feel reflects their personality. (Want to you know your house? Take the quiz on Pottermore!)

Slytherin’s are know for being cunning, resourceful, and ambitious. The house colors are green and silver, and the house mascot is the serpent.

These gifts are perfect for the Slytherin in your life — or even for you, if this is the house you call “home.”

9 Slytherin Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

9 Slytherin Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

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Slytherin Pajamas — These close-fit cotton pajamas are perfect for the little Slytherin in your life. I’ve already purchased these for my boys (in their respective houses) to wear on Christmas Eve!


Slytherin Pen and Stand — This gorgeous, high-quality pen comes with a heavy stand in the shape of a serpent, the Slytherin house mascot. This is perfect for grown-up Slytherins to keep at their desk or office. I love how the silver and green look together.

Slytherin Patch Knit Scarf — I adore this knit scarf, which features the Slytherin colors and the Slytherin house crest.

Slytherin Journal — Insight’s journals are absolutely gorgeous, and this Slytherin journal is no exception. It’s a hardcover journal with lined pages, and is pocket-sized, which is perfect for kids. There’s also a full-sized version. 

Slytherin Onesie — So your baby isn’t quite old enough to be sorted, but that doesn’t mean they can’t show some Slytherin pride on your behalf. Check out our other literary baby gift ideas.

Slytherin Socks — I love argyle print and Harry Potter, so these argyle Slytherin socks were an obvious choice for the list. The print is black and green with a Slytherin crest at the top.

Slytherin Backpack — The print on this Slytherin backpack is so cool! It’s great for kids, but I’d happily carry it as an adult!

Slytherin Shirt — There are lots of Slytherin shirts out there, but I love the style of this raglan t-shirt. Sizing on this shirt is Juniors, so it’s perfect for tweens and teens.

Slytherin Bracelet — The style of this Slytherin bracelet is called an “arm party,” and I love all the different elements and how they stack. Best of all, you can separate out each bracelet and wear them individually.





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