Homeschool Family Day at Goldfish Swim School

This post was written in partnership with Goldfish Swim School.

We have been homeschooling in some form since my oldest son turned five. We have such a great time, but it can be hard to connect with other homeschoolers. That’s why I was so excited that Goldfish Swim School let us host a homeschool family swim and water safety class at our home location.

Goldfish Swim School Family Swim

For me this was a total win-win. I’ve shared here on my site why I think Goldfish is perfect for homeschool families, so I was super excited to share Goldfish in person with some local families like mine. In addition, we got some really great water safety information from the awesome Goldfish staff.

Water Safety at Goldfish Swim School

I enjoyed the family swim so much. Goldfish had life jackets for kids who needed them, fun floating toys to play with, and two lifeguards on duty to help keep us all safe. I got to chat with other moms while my big kids swam. The pool was warm, my boys were entertained, and I got to meet some really great families.

Did you know that you can attend a family swim at Goldfish even if you aren’t a member? It’s a great way to check out the facility and meet the staff before committing to lessons. It’s also super affordable at $5 a person or $15 for the whole family.

Baby at Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish isn’t just a place to swim; it’s a part of the local community and a place to build community. Thanks so much to the Goldfish team for welcoming my community with open arms!



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