Reading Rainbow Book Guide, S1E2: Miss Nelson is Back

My youngest son recently discovered the magic that is Reading Rainbowand we’ve been watching the show daily. With every book featured, my son says, “We need to get that from the library!” Then I go running for a pen and paper so I can jot down titles and authors before they’re off the screen.

Reading Rainbow

For that reason, I decided to start creating Reading Rainbow book guides for each episode. I wanted to make it easy for parents, teachers, and kids to find the books they see featured on the show. Whether you’re remembering a book from your youth or looking for a requested book for your child, I hope you’ll find these helpful.

You’ll also want to check out the new Reading Rainbow app. It’s a great way to use your child’s screen time to encourage a love of books. We love it!


Reading Rainbow: Season 1 Episode 2 – Miss Nelson is Back


Reading Rainbow Book Guide



Ms. Nelson is Back by Harry G. Allard, Jr. – Miss Nelson will be gone from Room 207 for a week, and her students are worried they will get mean substitute teacher Viola Swamp. Instead, they end up with the boring principal! One of my favorites from childhood.

Grandma’s Joy by Eloise Greenfield – Rhody’s grandmother is sad, and Rhody decides she needs cheering up. A great book about the relationship between children and grandparents.

Daddy is a Monster…Sometimes by John Steptoe – When Daddy gets upset, Bweela and Javaka think he say he is turning into a monster. A valuable story that teaches while parents sometimes get angry, they always love us.

Harlequin and the Gift of Many Colors by Remy Charlip – This beautifully illustrated book shows how Harlequin’s friends cared for him when he needed a new suit.

Like the Reading Rainbow theme song says, take a look! It’s in a book! For more Reading Rainbow episode guides, be sure to follow our Reading Rainbow Pinterest board.


Note: The episodes of Reading Rainbow featured on Netflix and Amazon Prime are collections, and are not the chronological seasons. The first episode you get on these services will not be Season 1, Episode 1.




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