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Sometimes, preschoolers get busy with play, and they don’t want to make a trip to the restroom, even if they really need to go. Time To Pee! by Mo Willems reminds little ones that making a trip to go “number one” is quick and easy, and their toys will be waiting for them when they get back.

Time to Pee

Our Take

I read this book with my two- and four-year-old boys, and they absolutely loved it. First of all, they are at that stage where they think “potty talk” is hilarious, so reading a book with the word “pee” in the title was a real treat for them. They also loved Mo Willems’ upfront style. Willems’ narrative addresses kids directly and speaks to them in a language they can understand. The little mice that pop up all over the story made my boys giggle. I loved the way the words of the story were incorporated into the illustrations. Time to Pee! makes going to the restroom seem easy and fun, which is a big deal when you are trying to convince a particularly stubborn two-year-old that peeing in the potty is the way to go. Trust me on that one. I referred back to the book several times as my boys were playing that day, and they remembered that they could leave their toys behind and come back to them when they were done. They also remembered the always-important hand washing. I call that a win.

Time To Pee by Mo Willems


If you’re looking for a book about potty training to add to your collection, I highly recommend Mo Willems’ Time To Pee! All of Willems’ books are great, and this is no exception. This book is funny, a little silly, and talks to preschoolers in a way they understand – without talking down to them. There are a lot of books for preschoolers about going potty, but I think this is one of the best and most engaging. Add it to the list for your potty training child!

Time To Pee! is 40 pages long and is published by Disney-Hyperion.


Time To Pee by Mo Willems


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