Review | Where’s Eddie? by Daniel Nunn and Steve Walker

Thank you to Capstone Young Readers for the opportunity to review this book.

In Where’s Eddie? readers play hide and seek with Eddie the Elephant, following him inside and outside, and all over the world. Eddie might be hiding inside an igloo, or behind a hippopotamus. Daniel Nunn and Steve Walker combine photography with drawn illustrations to guide children as they look for Eddie. At the end of the book, it’s the reader’s turn to hide!

Where's Eddie?Both of my boys thought this book was HILARIOUS. They loved looking for Eddie, and they especially loved all the crazy places he was hiding. The book asks questions of the reader (“I can’t see Eddy ANYWHERE! Can you?”), which drew in my boys and helped them interact with the story. Where’s Eddie? is a great read-aloud book because it’s written in a way that allows parents and teachers to have fun with the story. I exaggerated the reactions to finding Eddie in silly places, which had my boys rolling with laughter. They also loved identifying the different places that Eddie decided to hide.

Where’s Eddie? is a fun book that I think any young child would love. The best part? While your kids having fun, they’re learning concepts like inside, outside, under, on top, and other locational words and phrases. This is a great book to add to your personal collection, but it’s also an excellent teaching tool for the early childhood classroom. Plus, it’s a board book, which means little hands can read it again and again!

Where’s Eddie? is 20 pages long and is published by Capstone Young Readers. Look for it in August of 2012!
I received a digital copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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